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Team Meeting

Let's Talk about Gun Violence

Hey teens, are you passionate about the effects of gun violence in your community? The vessel project wants you to join in on the conversation. 

In your opinion, what leads to gun violence? 

  • Criminal/illegal activities (drug, theft, etc.)

  • Metal health

  • Lack of resources (jobs, money, housing, etc.)

  • Nothing to do in your community

  • Homelessness

  • Or something else that is not listed

We want you to lend your voice and tell your story artistically:​

  • Write a story

  • Draw a picture

  • Record yourself singing a song, reciting a poem, doing a monologue, etc. 

  • Use whatever medium you choose to tell/show how gun violence affects your community.

Deadline February  1, 2024


Add a one-page submission on one of the following topics:

  1. the effects of climate change on your community

  2. the effects of mental health on your community

  3. the effects of gun violence on your community

For a chance to win $100​​

Send all submissions to

For questions, call Roishetta Ozane 337-564-1254

All participants will receive a prize.

Practice safety while completing this project.

Please do not put yourself or others in any dangerous are harmful situations to complete this project. 

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