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Founder, Director, CEO

My name is Roishetta Sibley Ozane, and I am the founder of Vessel Project of Louisiana, a small mutual aid and environmental justice organization. Additionally, I serve as the Gulf Fossil Finance Coordinator with the Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund. Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to be recognized as an award-winning environmental justice advocate, and I have had the privilege of speaking on stages both nationally and internationally, including in Egypt, Canada, and Malaysia. My primary focus has been championing for the rights of Black, indigenous, and people of color communities, advocating for clean air, clean water, and sustainable communities that are not burdened by fossil fuel buildout. In addition to my roles within these organizations, I am an active member of various esteemed groups, including the National Association of University Women, McNeese State University Black Alumni, and as a She Leads Fellow Alum for the Power Coalition of Equity and Justice.  On a personal note, I am a proud single mom of six wonderful children, who motivate me to strive for a better world for them and others. I firmly believe that true goodness can only be achieved when we uplift and support one another, a principle that I strive to embody through my philanthropic endeavors and giving heart on a daily basis.  I founded Vessel Project of Louisiana because I understand what it’s like to lean on your community for support during times of need having lost my home during hurricanes Laura and Delta in 2020. Vessel Project is dedicated to assisting our most vulnerable communities, specifically black, indigenous, people of color, and low-income individuals. We aim to meet their emergency needs efficiently, while also ensuring a barrier-free approach that upholds their dignity and empowers them to advocate for themselves. Our vision is to foster empowered and resilient individuals and communities, restoring hope in the aftermath of crises. We stand firmly against disaster capitalism and climate chaos, instead striving for a more peaceful and sustainable world. 

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