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The Vessel Project of Louisiana

We are vessels for the love of our community to flow through.

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The Vessel Project of Louisana is a grassroots mutual aid and disaster relief organization founded in Southwest Lousiana in response to several federally declared disasters, including hurricanes Laura and Delta, winter storm Uri, and the May flood of 2021. The Vessel Project aims to create horizontal pathways for people in communities to help one another without a hierarchical bureaucratic structure. We strive for transparency of our aid and welcome all to join and to help build solidarity within Southwest Louisiana and beyond.

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Disaster Relief

Helping with Everyday Crises

Community Building

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After a disaster, we assist the affected with their most immediate needs, whatever they may be. Whether it is emergency shelter, food, formula, diapers, oxygen tanks, cleaning supplies, application assistance, or document recovery—we have learned that the best way to help people is by asking them what will help.

For people who lack support and resources, an unexpected event such as a job or housing loss can quickly become a crisis. Even something as simple as running out of money the day before payday can be an emergency if you can't feed your kids dinner. The Vessel Project assists those in crisis by meeting urgent needs, identifying relevant resources, and helping people navigate traditional systems of aid.

Our strength lies in our relationships with each other, which is why The Vessel Project provides people with the opportunity to connect with each other by hosting free holiday events, game nights, and community meals.

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Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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